Cheyenne Fundraiser: SAPR 5K Ruck, Run or Walk

I attended the start of the race on April 8 and have updated this article accordingly.

Over 500 racers were in attendance – probably 90% were military. You could walk, run or walk or run with a 30lbs rucksack on your back. Within the Depot were vendors such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Pink Gloves Boxing, Black Dog Rescue, and Digital Defense.

The SAPR starting gate (although they didn’t start from here)

Our National Anthem was sung before the race started. All military had hands on hearts, a few were saluting the flag and the singer

Two ladies from Pink Gloves (women’s boxing) carried a pink heavy bag on the 3.1 mile course

Firemen getting ready for their walk

Those who were there for the competition had a variety of trophies to vie for . The teal color symbolizes awareness and support for stopping sexual assault

Original Article written April 7, 2017 below

Tomorrow, April 8, 2017, the third annual SAPR 5K Ruck, Run or Walk is being held, with a start at 8:30 am at the Cheyenne Depot.

SAPR stands for Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month.

The Wyoming Army & Air National Guard and FE Warren AFB are sponsoring this joint military and community event.

I only heard about this from a friend who will be participating in the event tomorrow as a runner, I had seen no posters for it.

I tried surfing the web to find this event (he told me he was in a K5 but didn’t remember the name of it) and it took a while as it wasn’t listed on any of the 5K run websites, until I finally found Once there it took forever and a day to find out where the event was to be held. (My friend had told me it was to start at the Cheyenne Depot, but nowhere on the site did it say that until I actually downloaded the poster as a PDF and there it was.

SAPR poster

Note to 5K Organizers

There are several websites devoted to runners of marathons and 5Ks. If you are going to sponsor a 5K – put it on every single one of those websites! You never know…someone who likes running in 5Ks who will be Cheyenne on the day of the race may well like to participate in it, just for the run (or to help a good cause).

In addition, vendors who come out to show their wares would doubtless appreciate it if potential spectators knew about the event and would come to where it was held to check out all the tables!

In addition, put all the necessary information in the website text – don’t make people dig and dig before finally having to download the poster to find out needed information.

Note to Walkers

If you are not a runner or jogger but still would like to participate in this fundraiser, you can walk. A 5K course is 3,1 miles, but you can probably drop out whenever you like if you don’t have time to walk all the way.


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