Hashtag Travvie

A “foodie” is someone who loves food – and will seek out cuisines of all kinds.

Who coined the term “foodie”? Who knows? But it’s a popular hashtag on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms, and its also a popular word for titles of blogs and websites devoted to food.

Wyoming in Motion has coined the term Travvie for a traveler – but a specific kind of traveler.

A “travvie” is someone who has to go from Point A to Point B for whatever reason – on business or for pleasure – but along the way will stop in at any any tiny town along the route for the sole purpose of exploring a new place and seeing if there’s anything interesting there. Or they can just be collectors of new experiences – with a desire to have a coffee or a meal in every town in a state that they’re visiting, perhaps, or to bowl a couple of games at a bowling center or send a postcard or letter from every town and get a local cancel….oh, a #travvie will visit tiny towns, towns and cities just for the fun of it.

Visitors Welcome at this wind-powered wonderland on old Highway 30

So, we’re going to make a point of using the hashtags #travvie and #travving in our Facebook and Twitter posts, and as keywords in our article entries here at Wyoming in Motion.

And if you’re a #travvie, who likes to go #travving, feel free to use these hashtags as well. We hope you will!

But these aren’t the only hashtags we’ve coined, and will be using.

#solitarycyclist – for our biking adventures around the country
#wyominginmotion – self explanatory!

If you didn’t take a little side trip….you’d never know it existed

#whoa – when we come across a site on our travels that makes us stop in joy or amazement, we’ll share a photo or video with the hashtag #whoa.