Travel Photo Tip: How to delete photos from your iPhone

I’ve got two smartphones, a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPhone 6. The iPhone is new, and frankly I use it as a convenient camera more than anything else.

I don’t like to use apps to download my photos from  my phone (or from my actual “camera” camera, for that matter!) onto my computer. I have it set up so that when I plug my  phone or camera into the computer it is simply recognized as a “data device”.

So each time I download photos, I first create a folder on my desktop and give it an appropriate name.

I then go to the “This PC” screen (I have a PC running Windows 10), find the device under the Devices and Drives header, open it, and drag all the photos and videos into that folder.

For the Galaxy, I then drag those same items, from my phone, into the Trash icon on the computer. And that erases them from the phone.

I tried to do that with my iPhone, with no success. The photos stayed stubbornly on the phone (and taking up way too much space in the iTunes backup in the cloud which I never wanted to use, anyway but somehow got activated.)

Long story short, how in heck do you delete photos from your iPhone if you can’t drag them into the trash on your computer?

Photos app on the iPhone screen

Next to your Camera icon is a Photos app icon. You have to open that app, and you’ll see at the top of the screen the word Years. Below that, for each year that you’ve owned the iPhone and taken a photo with it, there’ll be a lot of teeny tiny thumbnails of photos for that year.

Tap those thumbnails, and they’ll resolve into Collections, from dates and locations where you took photos.

Tap one of those Collections, and it goes to “Moments” and each thumbnail will now be a large enough size so you can see what each one is.Then, tap on Select in the upper right hand corner.

Then, tap on each photo you want to delete, and in the very bottom of the screen on the right hand side there will be a trash can. Tap that, and the photos will be deleted.

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