Legally Blonde: The Musical at Jesters Dinner Theatre, Longmont, CO

Elle Woods, about to graduate from her local college’s Fashion Merchandising program (with a 4.0 grade average), expects her boyfriend Warner to propose to her before he leaves California for Massachusetts to attend Harvard Law School. She receives quite a shock when he breaks up with her instead, pointing out that he has planned his future career and life carefully, and she is simply not “serious” enough to help him achieve his goals.

Despite this rejection, Elle remains in love with him and vows to get in to Harvard herself to show Warner that she can be as serious as he’d like her to be. Elle is intelligent, quick-witted, as well as charming, and does indeed manage to get into Harvard – only to find out that her problems are just beginning.

Amanda Brown, daughter of a noted Arizona attorney, attended Stanford Law School for two years before dropping out.  She wrote a semi-autobiographical novel about her experiences, entitled Legally Blonde, which was published in 2001 and was an immediate success. When the book was made into a movie in the same year, starring Reese Witherspoon, the setting was switched to Harvard Law School because Stanford refused permission for its name to be used.

The setting remains Harvard Law School for Legally Blonde: The Musical, with a libretto written by Heather Hach, and music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and his wife, Nell Benjamin.

This charming, loads-of-fun, “Omigod, you guys!” adaption debuted on Broadway in 2007 and ran for over a year, with touring companies in the US and the UK successful as well.

Jesters Dinner Theatre's program for Legally Blonde: The Musical

Jesters Dinner Theatre’s program for Legally Blonde: The Musical

The Jesters Dinner Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical is a fun-filled triumph.

Co-directors Mary Lou and Scott Moore have assembled  a cast that handles the singing, the dancing, and the occasional dramatic interludes with flair. The mood is set by the energy-filled opening number, in which Elle Wood’s Delta Nu sorority sisters (featuring Margot, Serena and Pilar) excitedly celebrate the anticipated proposal by Elle’s boyfriend Warner that evening (“Omigod, you guys”).

Trevor Warren as Professor Callahan, the law professor whose theme song is “Blood in the Water” has an excellent stage presence. Tyler Nielson is vulnerable and charming as Emmett Forrest, Callahan’s teaching assistant, a boy from the “wrong side of the tracks” who is determined to become a lawyer and has an affinity with Elle – wealthy she may be but also looked down upon by her snobbish classmates (“Chip on my shoulder”).

Many of the other roles are “double cast.” For example, Elle might be played on any given day by Hailey Ewing, Emma Maxfield or Shannon Bohnen, depending on their schedules. Warner is played by either Alex Grant or Andy Seracuse, and the same goes for other, smaller roles in the company.

This reviewer saw Hailey Ewing as Elle, Andy Seracuse as Warner, Samantha Cooley as Paulette (the beauty shop owner who persuades Elle to remain blonde, and who has a yen for the Irish), Jackie Milliren as Pilar, and Meaghan Quigley as Margot – each performing well, having good “pipes,” and showing good chemistry.

For theatre lovers who enjoy seeing how different actors portray the same role, this production of Legally Blonde: The Musical is ideal. Each actor will bring their own “je ne sais quois”to their performance.  The show is running each weekend until November 26, will take a break in December for the Jesters’ annual production of Scrooge, and then return in January, so there’s plenty of time to attend at least three separate performances. You’ll need to call the box office on the day of the show to see who will be on stage as Elle (or Warner, or Paulette!) on that day.

The actors are well served by the choreography of Shannon Bohnen, and the costumes designed by Lize Bohnen. Scenic painting by Angela Cape and Cindy Gochenaur evoke several different locations perfectly.

The Dining Experience

Jesters Dinner Theatre has an inclusive menu – for kids, adults, and for vegetarians or those who prefer to eat light.

As with all dinner theaters, the entre is included in the price of the ticket, but appetizers (such as quesadillas or shrimp cocktail), beverages (including beers and wine as well as soda pop, coffee, tea cappuccino and the mocktails Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers), and desserts are extra.

Entrees include chicken cordon bleu, chipotle pork loin, chicken or salmon salad, Extraordinary Berry Salad, and cheese tortellini (served with or without Italian sausage.) “Premium” entrees include filet of salmon and prime rib. For kids – a slice of pizza, mini corn dogs or chick tenders.

Our waitress – who was also in the show, was quick, cheerful and extremely helpful.

Salmon Salad at Jesters Dinner Theatre

Salmon Salad at Jesters Dinner Theatre

Chicken cordon bleu, with bearnaise sauce on the side

Chicken cordon bleu, with bearnaise sauce on the side. Comes with garden salad

Complete Cast

  • Elle: Hailey Ewing or Emma Maxfield or Shannon Bohnen
  • Margot (sorority sister): Meaghan Quigley or Samantha Cooley
  • Serena (sorority sister): Sam Cox
  • Pilar (sorority sister): Alexandria Colon
  • Emmett: Tyler Nielson
  • Paulette: Samantha Cooley or Sarah Paul-Glitch
  • Callahan: Trevor Warren
  • Warner: Alex Grant or Andy Seracuse
  • Vivienne: Emma Rittner
  • Brooke: Linda Droter
  • Enid: Sammie Harroun or Ashleigh Hendrickson
  • Winthrop: Jim Berthold
  • Lowell/Reporter/Guard: Steve Byrne
  • Dad: Scott Moore or Chuck Glidewell
  • Mom: Kathy Timme or Cindy Gochenour
  • Kyle/Dewey: Scott Bohnen or Danny Bohnen or Ben Bernhardt or Andy Seracuse or Alex Grant
  • GM Chad/Padamadan/Carlos: Ryne Haldeman
  • Aaron/Nikos: Bennet Forsyth
  • Kate/Chutney: Jesi Hitch or Cailyn Long
  • Courtney/Stenographer: Olivia Ramsey
  • Judge: Jade Tiller or Michelle Jeffries or Rachael Brady
  • Store Manager/DA: Jaynie Poole
  • Whitney: Ann Allman


Jesters Dinner Theatre at 224 Main Street in Longmont CO

Jesters Dinner Theatre at 224 Main Street in Longmont CO

Jesters Dinner Theatre, 224 Main St, Longmont, CO, 80501

Their phone number is 303-682, 9980, and their box office email is

Longmont, a city of about 90,000 people, is located just off of I-25. You’ll be on I-25 N if you drive up an hour or so from Denver, and on I-25 S if you drive south an hour or so from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Regardless of whether you’re going north or south, take exit 240 to CO-119. Stay in the right hand lane, and keep on the road until you reach E 3rd Avenue. Turn right and continue for 2 miles until you can turn left onto Main Street. Jesters Dinner Theatre will be on your left and there is a parking lot adjacent to it.

The drive into the historic old town is quite easy – it’s on the outskirts of the city and there’s very little traffic or confusion about reaching your destination.

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