A Dickens’ Christmas Carol Brings the House Down at CLTP

The Stykes-Upon-Thump Repertory Company has performed its farewell tour of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, fourteen times in years past. In its fifteenth year, things don’t go exactly as planned when they arrive in a small London town to perform at a rickety little theatre.

The company’s star, Mrs. Bettina Salisbury, decides not to go on that night in a fit of pique –  and expects the performance to be canceled as a consequence. Au contraire, as Dickens’ Charles Darnay might have said – the rest of the company feel the show must go on. Dame Rowena Middleton-Lewis and Mrs. Cordelia ffoliet-ffolkes ffortesscue Woods rearrange their roles so that Mrs. ffoliet-ffolkes ffortesscue Woods can take over for the absent Mrs. Salisbury, and under-prepared understudy Cynthia Imbry is pressed into service.

The result is pure hilarity – but the mayhem only increases when Mrs. Salisbury enters the theatre and sees Mrs. Cordelia ffoliet-ffolkes-ffortescue Woods playing her roles.

The Cheyenne Little Theatre’s production of A Dicken’s Christmas Carol: A Traveling Travesty in Two Tumultuous Acts, directed by Heidi Teasley, is fun from start to finish.

Dale William stars as Sir Selsdon Piddock, who portrays Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol in a serious and affecting way, against considerable odds.

Rory Mack shows his versatility as Mr. Elyot Crummels, who plays a variety of characters. He also shows his fleetness of foot in two scenes in which he plays not only The Ghost of Christmas Present –  but also Bob Cratchit and a party-goer, respectively – at the same time.

Cathie Chadwick as Mrs. Cordelia f-f-f Woods and Julia Van Dyke as Mrs. Bettina Salisbury as the dueling Mrs Cratchits/Partygoers/Bedside Ghouls have a lot of fun with their roles as well.]

Freya Butterfield as the valiant understudy Cynthia Imbry, Vincent Zakig as Teddy Shub (young Scrooge amontg other roles), Nd Jessicalynn Hammond as Dame Rowena Middleton-Lewis shine as well.

The fun extends to the program, which includes a playbill for the Stykes-Upon-Thump Repertory Company and biographies of its actors.

CLTP's program for Dickens' A Christmas Carol

CLTP’s program for Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

A Dickens’ Christmas Carol: A Traveling Travesty in Two Tumultuous Acts is a must-see this holiday season! It runs over the weekends at the Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne, Wyoming from December 1 – 17, 2017.

Production Team

  • Director – Heidi Teasley
  • Assistant Director – Nancy Stange
  • Stage Manager – Athena Sones
  • Production Assistant – Gadget the Corgi
  • Set Design – Maria Thompson
  • Costume Design – Connie Sloetsch
  • Seamstresses/Tailors – Connie Skoetsch, Kara Gilbert, Jessica Williams, Bobbi Neilsen, Karen Jensen, Becky Ward, Ida Mae Apostolou and Julia Van Dyke
  • Hair/Wigs – Phil Armstrong
  • Lighting Design – Travis Kirchhefer
  • Sound Design – Keefe Van Dyke
  • Props – Nancy Stange, Heidi Teasley
  • Light Operator – Monica Kluger
  • Sound Operator – Keefe Van Dyke
  • Stage Crew – Germaine WAlker, Cathy Corso, Sequoia Nelson, Rob Maes, Jennifer Cisneros
  • Set Construction – Bob Milburn and Leroy Baluska, Maria Thompson, Rick Hammond, GraceLynn Teasley, Ivy Williams, Terry Chadwick and the cast
  • Photography – Cathie Chadwick, Missy Mack
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