Cheyenne: Paul Smith Children’s Village

Paul Smith’s Children’s Village, situated adjacent to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and run by them, is a delightful place for children young and old, with plenty of places to explore and blazes of color everywhere.

It’s named in honor of Paul Smith, at one time the owner of the historic Hitching Post Inn before he passed away in 2006, who had supported the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens for many years.

The goal of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens is to have the Paul Smith Children’s Village “teach concepts of sustainability from the past, present and future.” To that end, in addition to all the beautiful flowers and sculptures, there’s a solar-powered well, a windmill, a clepsydra (Archimedes screw for lifting water from one level to another) and more.

Wagons filled with flowers

Getting to Paul Smith Children’s Village

As you head north on Carey Ave, you will cross W 8th Avenue and keep going, past the entrance to Frontier Park on your left, and adjacent to Lions Park on your right. The first exit on which you can turn, on your right, is S. Lions Park Drive, which is a very short drive! The parking lot for the Paul Smith Children’s Village will be on your left. (If you’re headed south on Carey, of course the exit will be on your left, after an exit for Lions Park (and this exit allows you to park behind the Botanic Gardens).

There will be a sign pointing the way, regardless of from which direction you come.

Headed north on Carey. Sign for Paul Smith Children’s Village on your right. Straight ahead for a hundred yards, then on your left is Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens addition, to open August 14, 2017

As you drive a few hundred yards on S Lions Park Drive, you’ll first pass the above, large addition to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens on your left. (Don’t be confused by any construction remnants – they should all be removed by mid-August [and this article will be adjusted at that time]).

The next turn on your left is the EXIT for the parking lot, you’ll turn left at the next turn. The parking lot has cars flowing in one direction only.

You’ll see a bike center, where you can check out bikes for free from Rock on Wheels if you like. You need to call the number provided on the bike to give your credit card number as a deposit, then you can ride a bright yellow park throughout the city and return it to any of the bike stations. Let Rock on Wheels know it’s been returned and they don’t charge your card.

Yellow bikes from the Bike Cheyenne program

From the parking lot, head to your right on the sidewalk for the entrance to the Paul Smith Children’s Village. It’s open year round, from 10 am to 5 pm, every day EXCEPT Mondays!

Entrance to Paul Smith Children’s Village

Depending on the season, of course, the Paul Smith Children’s Village will be a blaze of color, with a wide variety of colorful flowers in pots and containers scattered everywhere.

Overview of Paul Smith Children’s Village from the back wall, with new Botanic Gardens addition in background at middle/right of photo.

Each separate location – all blended together with paths lined by flowers, have whimsical names such as Windmill Hill, Waterworks, World Garden, Prairie Discovery Area, and Secret Garden. There’s a sandpit with dump trucks and toys of that nature. There’s a wading pond full of gold fish. There’s a large set of pan-pipes on which kids can make music. There’s usually a free lemonade stand, too.

Classroom inside the Lowes Discovery Lab

Sarah’s Place

Picnic Orchard

Where to Enjoy Flowers and Natures in Cheyenne

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