Welcome Center: Echo Information Center, Utah

The state of Utah has five Welcome Centers. The one in Echo, just off of I-80 as you enter from Wyoming, is the only one that is privately owned. (The state decided to close it in April 2016, but private citizens Glen Overton and Gary Coleman refurbished the center and re-opened it in October. Echo Canyon Tourist Center reopens under private ownership)

Echo Information Center, open year round except major holidays

Despite the fact that it is privately run, it has all the tools needed by travelers – big screens linked to high-speed computers so that the volunteer staff can check traffic around the state – and in particular in the region of Salt Lake City and surrounding cities and towns (for remember that in every state in the US there are two seasons – winter and road construction).

This northeastern Welcome Center has everything you’d expect from a professionally run center – racks upon racks of brochures for tourist spots around the state, as well as displays on life in Utah, and even a video giving a brief history of the Mormon faith.

Brochures, and a painting of Donnie and Marie Osmond

The Visitor’s Center also has a gift shop. If you’re entering Utah via Highway 80, definitely stop in to check the traffic to your destination, pick up a few brochures, and support the Center by picking up a couple of postcards and maybe a fridge magnet – or a sweatshirt or two!

History of the Mormons and the United States in Echo Canyon, Utah

National Parks in Utah

Information and souvenirs – the perfect combination


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