Cheyenne at 150: History Videos

The capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017.

As part of the celebrations, several historians gave talks on specific aspects of Cheyenne and Wyoming history.

These talks were filmed and can be seen on the Visit Wyoming YouTube channel.

If you’re planning on visiting Cheyenne or Wyoming, I suggest you watch a few of these videos to learn of the history of the city before your visit. I’ve taken the liberty of embedding them all here for you to watch easily.

Jim Widlar: Home of the Atlas ICBM Missiles

Bill Dubois: “A Social and Cultural History of Cheyenne.”

Michael Kassel: “Thunder on High: Cheyenne’s Early Aviation History”

Alan Kirkbride: “High Plains Bonanza: An Overview of Cheyenne’s Cattle History”

Phil Roberts: “From Railroad Town to State Capital: Cheyenne Growth and Development in the Territorial Years”

Jim Ehrenberger: “Union Pacific Brings the Magic”

Mary Guthrie: “Women Who Made a Difference”

Rick Ewig: “The Early History and Influence of Ft. D.A. Russell and Camp Carlin on Cheyenne”

Jill Pope: The Spirits of Cheyenne: Local Paranormal Lore

James Fuller: The Indomitable Spirit of Cheyenne

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